Product Updates

Production Updates:

In Production:

Week of 06/04/2023


Stardust Holo Stickers

AI Sorcerer & Virus

Gamma Ghost 


In Production: Stickers have been renamed Stardust Holo to better capture the look of the holographic glitter.



 Metal Field Centers

Magical Twilight Metal Field Center 

Rising Dawn Metal Field Center 


Shipping NOW! Field centers have arrived! 




 Hard Enamel Pins

  A.I. Virus/Sorcerer Hard Enamel Pin

Gamma Ghost Hard Enamel Pin 



Production has been completed for A.I. Virus & Sorcerer. These are set to ship out soon! Order Fulfillment/Shipping June 2023

In Production: Gamma Ghost is currently still in production. 



Metal Dice Sets

Magical Twilight Metal Dice Set (Mold/Sample) 

Plundering Pirates Metal Dice Set (Mold/Sample)

A.I. Metal Dice Set (Mold/Sample)


Due to delay of CrushCards metal dice, all other dice were unfortunately delayed as well. New shipment/fulfillment to begin June/July.



GOAT Hats (Trucker/Dad)

Update of Design:

Trucker & Dad hat designs have now been combined to better suit project. All GOAT Hats will now have the trucker's Velvet (fuzzy) front panel and bill with the Dad's SUEDE sidings. **NO MESH** New shipment/fulfillment to begin June/July.

Branded Magical Mom & Dad Hats 


New shipment/fulfillment to begin July/August.



In Progress/Coming Soon:

  • Firewall Waifu Field Center 
  • Demon Fruit Metal Dice Set 
  • Rising Dawn Deck Box (Dicewinder)
  • Magical Twilight Deck Box (Dicewinder) 
  • Gamma Ghost Metal Dice Set
  • Wrymaiden Metal Dice Set
  • Rising Dawn Playmat
  • Magical Twilight Playmat


***All products are subject to change prior to release.***



  - YuGiOh -

Rising Dawn - "Stardust" 

  • Rising Dawn Field Center/Sleeves
  • Rising Dawn Playmat
  • Rising Dawn Deck Box (Dicewinder) 

    Magical Twilight - "Kuri Brothers"

    • Magical Twilight Metal Dice Set
    • Magical Twilight Field Center/Sleeves
    • Magical Twilight Playmat
    • Magical Twilight Deck Box (Dicewinder)

      Fallen Dusk - "Fallen of Albaz"

      • Fallen Dusk Pins/Stickers
      • Fallen Dusk Metal Dice Set
      • Fallen Dusk Playmat
      • Fallen Dusk Field Center/Sleeves
      • Fallen Dusk Deck Box (Dicewinder) 

      Poker Night - "Joker's Knight"

      • Poker Night Pins/Stickers
      • Poker Night Metal Dice Set
      • Poker Night Playmat
      • Poker Night Field Center/Sleeves
      • Poker Night Deck Box (Dicewinder)


      - Wrymaiden

          - Chronicle Magician   


            - Digimon -


           - Gamma Metal Dice Set

           - Gamma Enamel Pin & Sticker 


          - Horoween 2023 -

          - Horo Princess Collection 

            - Horo Deck Box

            - Horo Playmat

            - Horo Field Center/Sleeves

            - Horo Metal Dice Set

            - Enamel Pin & Sticker




          '23 Limited Edition Variant Box Sets:

          The items below are apart of the yearly Variant Project that will feature past products in a variant bundle set with a new look! All products are subject to change prior to release and do not have set release dates.

          - Kickstarter Project -

          LE Rising Dawn Box Set: 

          1 Book-Shaped Storage Box
          1 Single Player Playmat
          1 Dice Set
          1 Metal Field Center 
          1 Pack of Sleeves
          1 Vinyl Sticker
          1 Large Hard Enamel Pin