Rising Dawn Metal Dice Set
Rising Dawn Large Hard Enamel Pin - Stardust Synchron Chibi
Illusion Magikuriboh Starlight Holo Vinyl Sticker
Rising Dawn Chibi Starlight Holo Vinyl Sticker

Rising Dawn Dice

Rising Dawn Enamel Pin

Magical Twilight Sticker

Rising Dawn Sticker


Hello! I'm one of the first giveaways that Starlight Grotto did. I'm surprised that I won and I'm also surprised how high quality they're products are! Seeing how it was a giveaway, I thought they were gonna be of lesser quality, but now that I know how great these products are, I'm pretty much hooked. I can't wait for his next products involving deck boxes, field centers, and hopefully game mats!

Fabian Hinojosa

One of the best designs for dice, enamel pins and stickers! Really enjoyed the high quality artwork and craftsmanship. The chibi Stardust is very cute look. Highly recommended if you are looking for a new set of dices or stickers for your laptop!

Billy Tran

-Jake Keiter

"Aaron of Starlight Grotto offers an excellent customer service. Quick to interact and engage with new and existing customers and delivers a prestige quality product.

The pins are a unique design and are tough and durable and ready to withstand any condition. The dice are heavy duty and intricately engraved with one of a kind designs that you will jot find anywhere else.
Doing business with Starlight Grotta is an easy process as they sincerely ensure that the customer will be satisfied in the end. Its a guarantee that a customer will always come back for more!"

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